Some amazing facts about this incredible dish – mussels.

  1. Mussels are the molluscs living colonies. They cover with clusters big stones, sticking together with them with special threads which are called bissus. Properties of this natural glue are very unusual: it water-resisting also doesn’t break functioning of immune protection of the person. If it is possible to receive bissus in vitro, they can sew up wounds, stick together bone fractures, glue splinters of teeth. Generally, this way of treatment would be more effective than some other, used nowadays.
  2. There is a national belief that mussels needs to be eaten those months in which name there is no letter “r”. It appears, it isn’t so silly. Those months on which the reproductive stage of a mollusk falls its cloak is more gentle. And the reproductive stage is necessary just for months March, April, September, October, November and December.
  3. In Japan mussels are considered as a symbol of two loving, inseparably linked people, as it is not so easy to open shutters. Even presently there is no wedding without traditional mussels soup in Japan.
  4. However, at the Kuwaiti restaurants it is still forbidden to give unsolved mussels and oysters. The matter is that sometimes it is possible to find a pearl in a shell. In strictly Muslim country purchase of the closed mussels was equated to gamblings. What if suddenly visitors of restaurants begin to spend money, in hope to find pearl a plate?
  5. Mussels promote removal of toxins from a human body. Including radionuclides. It is a find for workers of harmful productions.

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