If suddenly you wanted to prepare something brand new and interesting, then safely address these unusual recipes of dishes with canned tomatoes.

1. Minestrone soup

• Pasta of 80 g
• Olive oil 1 tablespoon
• Leek 1 stalk
• Garlic 2 cloves
• Carrots 1 piece
• Potatoes 1 piece
• Zucchini 1 piece
• Celery stalk 2 pieces
• Green beans of 100 g
• Canned tomatoes of 425 g
• Vegetable broth of 2 l
• Tomato paste 2 tablespoons
• Haricot of a kannellina of 425 g
• Italian parsley of 10 g
• Parmesan cheese of 40 g

1. Boil water in a pan and put in it pasta. Cook to a condition of al dente. Merge water.
2. Cut rings leek, crush garlic. Warm olive oil in a pan and fry onions with garlic on slow fire 3–4 minutes.
3. Boil potatoes and cut in cubes. Cut carrots and a celery in circles, zucchini in slices, a bean in small pieces. Put the cut vegetables in soup, add tomato paste and also the cut canned tomatoes. Bring to the boil and lower fire. Cook on slow fire of 10 minutes or so far vegetables won’t become soft.
4. Wash out haricot and wash away liquid. Implicate in a dish together with the cooked pasta. Pour on plates and decorate with the cut parsley and grated parmesan.

2. Musaka

• Onion 1 head
• Yellow paprika ½ pieces
• Chili pepper 1 piece
• Green paprika ½ pieces
• Garlic 2 cloves
• Tomatoes in own juice of 300 g
• Kumin ½ teaspoons
• Turmeric ½ teaspoons
• Olive oil 3 tablespoons
• Egg 2 pieces
• Salt to taste
• Greens to taste

1. Cut in cubes paprikas. Peel tomatoes.
2. Warm olive oil in a frying pan. Add small cut onions and fry it to softness.
3. Add paprikas and fry on average fire for 3 minutes, constantly stirring slowly that pepper didn’t burn slightly.
4. Add davleny garlic, kumin, a turmeric and small cut hot pepper, mix and fry about a minute more.
5. Later add tomatoes, salt, prevent and extinguish mix on slow fire of 5 more minutes.
6. Make in vegetables 2 small dredging with a spoon and beat out there eggs. Make it accurate to implicate protein in mix. Salt and pepper eggs. Hold mix on average fire till the moment, when squirrels grab.
7. Give having strewed with greens.

3. Shrimps with tomatoes and feta cheese

• Olive oil 2 tablespoons
• Head onion ½
• Green chili pepper ½ pieces
• Tomatoes in own juice of 400 g
• Large shrimps with tails of 6 pieces
• Feta cheese 115 g
• Salt to taste
• Black pepper to taste
• Chopped parsley 20 g

1. Warm a grill in an oven. Warm oil in a fire-resistant frying pan and roast on it the crushed onions and chile, scraped seeds and membranes. Add tomatoes together with juice, mix, having broken whole on pieces. Salt and pepper, extinguish for 4 minutes.

2. Lay out over sauce shrimps, cleaned from an armor. Cover with sauce above and boil for 4 minutes until they turn pink. Then spread out feta slices between shrimps and to put a frying pan under a grill. Bake about two minutes until cheese melts.
3. Give, having strewed with parsley

4. Fish ragout

• Cod fillet 1 kg
• Mussels in shell 1 kg
• Paprika 2 pieces
• Red onions 1 head
• Shrimps 1 kg
• Garlic 8 cloves
• Canned tomatoes of 400 g
• Olive oil of 150 ml
• White loaf of 8 pieces
• White dry wine of 200 ml
• Parsley of 10 g
• Salt to taste
• Chili powder to taste

1. To warm up 100 ml of olive oil in a big pan on average fire then to pour small cut red onions into a pan, small cut paprika and extinguish about ten minutes until all vegetables become absolutely soft and slightly caramelize. Then to add tomatoes (the Italian can, cleaned and cut in cubes pomodori pelati best of all approach). Extinguish ten more minutes, add pieces of cod fillet, wine and cook five more minutes then add mussels and shrimps and cook ten minutes; salt and pepper.
2. Dry bread in the oven warmed up to 200 degrees. For this purpose ten minutes will be enough. Then sprinkle bread with the remained olive oil and rub with davleny garlic. A clove on a bread slice is enough.
3. Season ragout with chopped parsley, remove from fire, pour on plates and in each plate break some bread with garlic.


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