People in China respect ancient traditions and tremblingly observe them every year. According to mythology, during holidays a creature named “Niania” comes to every house and steals grain, harvest and even people. To save the family from theft of values, “Niania” is cajoled by the food and sweets which are specially prepared outside. Due to the legend red color in clothes, jewelry and a decor protects from evil spirits. The tangerine tree is also a traditional symbol. It attracts good luck, prosperity and happiness to the house. The table is laid specially too: rice is an abundance symbol, fish products involve prosperity and monetary power, and noodles serve as the guarantor of long happy life. In 2019 it is possible to prepare the baked goose, one more traditional Chinese dish which helps to find harmony and mutual understanding with family.

The holiday is followed by loud celebrations and week freedom from cares. Through the whole country various festive shows and colourful fireworks are organized. 2019 New Year begins on February 5 and will last till February 20.

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