We tell how to catch the delicacy. Practically in any sea of the world it is possible to find these Crustacea. They live in the large number on coast of Japan, China, India, Southeast Asia. It is possible to catch shrimps in Russia in the Far East, here coast please with nearly one hundred species of shrimps. Two views live in the Black Sea, one lives on sandy soil, at the bottom, where small pebble, the second on stony sites, at rocky coast.
Most often for catching of shrimps the trawl or the net are effective. The goal net on such devices should have very small cells. The trawl is effective in the coastal zone, or on the deserted coast catch, in places where there are many seaweed. Pull the trawl against the current. This way it is possible to catch for short term many shrimps. With the net it is even simpler, it is necessary to enter water, to bypass all stones and to drive the net around them. However, you should always remember that hunting for the shrimp is forbidden during spawning from 1 of June to 31 of August.

Here are several rules of success:
• It is the best of all to catch the shrimp in night-time;
• Use of the small lamp will enhance effect as shrimps reach for light;
• The catch in cool waterand during the outflow will be better;
• After production it is better to place the shrimp in the container with ice;
• It is necessary to use gloves not to prick about the armor.

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