According to the Russian tradition if you want to have a good year, you need to celebrate New Year wearing something new. However, it doesn’t mean that you can do this only with clothes. We suggest you the selection of non-standard recipes.

Unusual chicken salad

• Iceberg 150 g.
• Raisin 50 g.
• Mushrooms marinated 150 g.
• Paprika 1 piece.
• Chicken fillet 1 piece.
• Onion 1 piece.
For seasoning:
• Olive oil 3 tablespoons.
• Juice of a lemon 1/2 pieces.
• The French mustard with grains 1 tsp.
• Sugar 1 tsp.
• Salt 1/4 tsps.
• Mix of pepper fresh ground

1. Wet raisin in hot water approximately for 30 minutes. Take out from water, wash out, dry.
2. The Iceberg to put lettuce leaves or the torn lettuce leaves in a salad bowl.
3. Boil chicken fillet in the added some salt water to readiness, no more than 20 minutes, let cool, cut into cubes and put in a salad bowl.
4. Cut pepper into cubes, lay out in a salad bowl.
5. Clean onions, wash with cold water, cut thinly with plumelets or half rings. Lay out in a salad bowl.
6. From a canned button mushrooms to merge water, to add mushrooms to other ingredients. If mushrooms large, it is worth cutting them plates.
7. Add raisin. To mix everything.
8. For sauce squeeze out lemon juice, add sugar, salt, pepper, grain mustard and olive oil, it is good to mix before solidification.
9. Pour over salad dressing before giving on a table and mix.


Gentle rolls with crabsticks

• Lavash thin 1 piece.
• Crabsticks 100 g.
• Cheese firm 100 g.
• Egg 3 pieces.
• Garlic 2 tooth.
• Salt
• Ground black pepper
• Mayonnaise

1. For a stuffing peel hard-boiled eggs and small cut, grate them on a grater.
2. Grate a hard cheese on an average grater.
3. Cut crabsticks with small pieces.
4. Mix cheese, crabsticks and egg, add the garlic which is passed through a press, salt and pepper. Fill a stuffing with a small amount of mayonnaise, literally several spoons that the stuffing wasn’t too liquid, and it turned out more similar to paste.
5. Grease a leaf of a lavash with a thin layer of sour cream. Put lettuce leaves closer to one edge.
6. From above spread out a crabsticks stuffing with egg and cheese, curtail into roll.
7. Inwrap ready roll in a film and take in the refrigerator of minutes 10-15, and then cut on pieces and give on a table.


Home-made candies with condensed milk

• Baked milk shortcake 450 g.
• Peanut 100 g.
• Condensed milk 1 б.
• Desi 200 g.
• Cocoa 4-5 tablespoons.

1. Crush cookies in the blender.
2. Dry the peanut peeled on a dry frying pan, crush in the blender.
3. Mix cookies, nuts, cocoa.
4. Add the softened desi and mix.
5. Add a concentrated milk, mix to uniformity.
6. Remove the turned-out weight in a cold spot for 20 minutes.
7. Prepare ingredients for a breading of candies, having laid out everyone separately on a saucer. It can be confectionery topping, coconut flakes, icing sugar or what you like.
8. Then form small balls from an aerated paste, roll in according to your desire, lay out on a dish.
9. Remove candies in a cold spot before full hardening.

Enjoy your meal!

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