Nowadays the popularity of gastronomic tours is growing rapidly. This is the most preffered way of specially aimed travelling after visiting themed parks. There are plenty of gastronomic travelling books, tv shows and even gastronomic guides, who know amazing places to eat national food. Gastronomic tours introduce countries from different side and let people feel the taste of culture.

From Asian cuisine and destination amazing places to eat something new are Thailand, Vietnam and Malaysia. There you will be surprised with fresh seafood, rare sorts of fish and even with soup from shark fins. Dessert menu there will contain fresh fruits and different combinations with them.

Another popular route passes through European countries. You can taste original pizza, more than 50 sorts of cheese, oysters with lemon, Bavarian sauseges, foie gras and a lots of things. Those who loves sweet dishes will also be pleased. All restaurants and cafes suggest different kinds of bakery products, cream desserts and varied tastes of ice cream.

Of cause gastronomic world is much bigger. So take your time and explore!

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