In 1977 Minoru Ikisima, creative person and owner of sushi bar, decided that he must create something completely new for the world of producing sushi. The main goal was to replace manual labor with mechanical one. The lack of technic education didn’t stop him from creating the scheme of future model. That prototype made a great impression on cooks and restaurant owners. Hundreds of people wanted to by this machine and that made Minoru think about starting new business. Machines were called sushi-robots because of Japanese trend in robots.

The main advantage of the sushi-robots is the fact that they were originally created by cooks who incarnated all their wishes. This fact helped to introduce machine to restaurants and bars. Moreover, the new sphere of sushi business started. Sushi robots produces big number of dishes and this helped to develop fast food sector for sushi.

Nowadays, there are 6 functional kinds of sushi robots that are actively used in Japan. However, in Russia robots aren’t so popular but some companies use them for wholesale retail.

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