Famous news site (www.seafoodsource.com) posted an article about Russian development in aquaculture industry.

In geographical terms, Russia holds enormous potential for growing fish. The country possesses 20 million hectares of lakes, five million hectares of impoundments, 400,000 hectares of onshore sea aquatorium, more than one million hectares of waters used for agriculture, and 150,000 hectares of fishery ponds.

Despite all these resources, aquaculture in Russia – which operates on an oil- and gas-dominated economy – has been historically neglected. Because Russian waters yield so much fish, the country hasn’t been incentivized to get involved in a highly knowledge-based and resource-consuming sphere like aquaculture.

In 2017, the sector produced only 219,000 metric tons (MT) of seafood when compared with the Russia’s harvest in the wild – 4.9 million MT in 2017. Through 2030, Russia is expected to produce 700,000 MT of farmed seafood a year, according to head of the Federal Agency for Fisheries Ilya Shestakov.

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