It may seem like an ancient and useless way of communication. Bottles with messages are so small and ocean is so big. However, even nowadays we can meet stories about finding such a “treasure”.

The oldest message in bottle registered in the Guinness Book of Records was found in Germany after 108 years of sailing. Mariana Winkler followed the instructions written in letter. She sent find and its’ coordination to the Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom. This bottle was one of thousands thrown in water as a part of experiment about marine courses. Despite the fact that the author was waiting for this message for a long time, Mariana was honored with a real shilling of that times.

Miracles are also happening in Australian Wedge Island. Tonya Illman found the bottle, sent 132 years ago from ship Paula. German scientists were making courses map.

There is also a place for amateur messages. Tom Love sent the bottle during his holidays on Bora-Bora island which stays in 6000 kilometers away from the place where message was found. In the note Tom told about himself a little and asked to inform him about the find. He also added 1 dollar to cover potential costs. This request was fulfilled after 2 years of sailing.

Of course, messages in bottles is an old way to communicate but at least you don’t need an Internet connection or post office.

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