One of the most mysterious places on the planet. The registered depth of Trench figured out by the Challenger is 11 035 meters. For those who wants to imagine the size it’s easy to illustrate Everest placed in the Trench. In that case on the top of mountain there will be still left 1 kilometer of water.

The slot-shaped valley appeared at the boundary between two tectonic plates. The bottom of the Trench is 5 kilometers in length.

Of course, in such interesting place there are a lot of mysterious stories. The crew of “Glomar Challenger” was the first “victim”. Scientists explored the Mariana Trench with special machine. Sound microphone started to register strange sounds not long after the descent. It was screech sounding like a sawing metal. The monitor transmitted unclear images of some shades. When machine was taken from water scientists were shocked by the deformation. They were not mistaken about the sound. Steel rope was half-sawn.

However, who or what can live in such conditions is still a big question for scientists.

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