1. FIFA World Cup Trophy. Prize was introduced in 1974. Made of 18 carat gold with a malachite base, it stands 36.8 centimeters high and weighs 6.1 kilograms. After the 1994 FIFA World Cup a plate was added to the bottom side of the trophy on which the names of winning countries are engraved. It’s interesting to notice the rules for those who is allowed to touch the trophy. These people are: the president of FIFA, permanent heads of countries and members of winning commands.
  2. Football. The whole industry, game with great history which has involved millions of people, the most popular and most mass sport. Nothing else to tell here.
  3. Shrimps. The most useful of all the seafood having special, but universal taste. Shrimps can be eaten like an independent dish or appear as a perfect snack for beer or wine. By the way, it’s tastier to cheer with shrimps!

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