It is believed that the history of this ancient dish began in 3000 B.C. During that times in China rich houses served dinners with snow or ice with fruits. However, the ice-cream in known for everybody now type appeared approximately 500 years ago. The 10th of June is recognized like the beginning of mass sales of this dish.

It is interesting that ice-cream and waffle cup were not “friends” from the beginning. Their acquaintance happened at the International exhibition in USA in 1904. That was the hot day and everybody love ice-cream in such weather. Ice-cream sellers were out of plates and could not sell dish anymore. Fortunately, the man from waffle store, who was on the contrary missing clients,  noticed that and started making little waffle cups for ice-cream.

Nowadays, you can find a lot of different tastes of ice-cream. Apart from standard flavors exotic fans can try garlic, oyster, corn or curry ice-cream. The French dish – sorbet is now popular worldwide. This cold dessert is a perfect alternative for those who does not use milk. Sorbet is made from boiled sugar syrup and fruit puree.

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