The spring came and that means the time of camping and picnicking is coming too. What makes a good day outside? Good food, of course. There is nothing strange in that fact that the most ancient way of preparing food is still popular. Firstly, grilled food has amazing natural taste. Secondly, open fire helps to minimize cooking time. For example, steak needs approximately 4-6 minutes to be fried on one side. Thirdly, BBQ food is healthy and safe because high temperatures kill all congenital bacteria. Finally, the cooking process will help to bring together companies of friends or families.

Steaks and vegetables are classical grill dishes. There is one rule which will help to make meat even more tastier. Small pieces of steak should be taken from grill when meat juice appears on the surface of the dish and after that you need to wait 3-5 minutes before eating. Another perfect ingredient for BBQ are fish and potato which can be cooked in a foil. There are not enough words to describe the excellent taste of grilled seafood. Everyone should try it.

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