Nowadays you can find a recipe of a soup in every cuisine. By the way, people learnt to cook soups approximately 500 years ago. To tell the truth, at that days they could only boil meat in water but today there is a lot variants of this dish.
There are 150 different recipes which are known nowadays and every of this includes more than 1000 species. To mark this day, we created different soup top charts.

Top 5 interesting facts
5th place. The most expensive soup in the world is swallow soup. This dish is popular in China, Vietnam and Malaysia. Soup is made from swallow’s saliva which birds use to make their nests.
4th place. Hungarian national soup is named as a monument of cultural heritage and stays under safety of UNESCO
3rd place. According to the legend famous onion soup appeared because of Ludovic XV. Once upon a time French king felt hungry at night. But there was nothing else apart from onions, oil and sparkling wine in his hunter house.
2nd place. Long time ago only rich people from high society could afford a tureen in their hose.
1st place. The most famous soup in the art history is canned soup “Campbell’s” renowned by Andy Warhol. Americans consume approximately 2,5 billion cans of this tomato soup per year. Soup reserves in every family are 8 cans on the average.

Top 5 interesting recipes
5th place. Greek fish soup.
4th place. Caraway soup.
3rd place. Shrimps mushrooms cream soup.
2nd place. Cheese soup with white loaf.
1st place. Nettle cream soup.

Top 5 medicinal properties
5th place. Fish soup helps to restore energy and is suitable for everyone.
4th place. It is believed that soup in China is the best way to balance your yin yang.
3rd place. Soup is the perfect dish for people who are dreaming of losing weight without damaging health.
2nd place. Norwegian soup helps to treat cold.
1st place. Soups from fresh clean sprouts of a nettle, restore and strengthen immunity, reduce probability of infection with various catarrhal diseases and even normalize work of nervous system.

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