Traditional Russian holiday “Maslenitsa” is celebrated with pancakes in the menu. Today we want to share an easy and tasty recipe with you.


  • Pancakes (flour 250 g, milk 200 ml, eggs 2 pieces, sugar 5g, vegetable oil 30-50 ml, salt)
  • Seafood mix 200 g
  • Onion 1 piece
  • Garlic 2 pieces
  • Cream (20%) 100 ml

It is easy to fit the whole recipe in one paragraph. While the seafood mix is unfreezing, we can cook the sauce. Onion and garlic should be fried with vegetable oil. Then add cream and mix until the sauce boils. Then add seafood and stew for approximate 7-8 minutes. When cream becomes thick, our sauce is ready. Add this filling to your pancakes.

With this easy but delicious recipe, you will have a tasty celebration. You can order seafood mix here. Enjoy your meal!

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